Disused Roof Space = Attic Conversion Potential!

When we moved into our terrace house one of our big plans was to covert our disused roof space into a usable attic or loft space we could use as firstly a storage area for all the much loved belongings and secondly as a usable space for the home office.

Considering this pitched space covered the first two rooms of our house it would be a considerable undertaking, but the benefits would be enormous. It would free up our second bedroom for guests, give us much needed extra storage, as well as a space to use for various tasks including exercise.

We knew whatever money spent would add value to the property and our lives. Just having that extra space in a small house is vital, especially when there is no other built in storage in the property.

So what is involved in the process of an attic conversion in a terrace house?

Where do you start a loft conversion and who do you need to help?

Roof Space Conversion  Loft Conversion

Project steps: 

Attic Ladder  Attic Ladder Loft

Attic Ladder – http://www.atticgroup.com.au

  • Hire a company to vacuum out the 100 years’ worth of dust and debris from the roof space.
  • Replace floor joists to take extra weight
  • Re support the roof with new beams
  • Seal off from Neighbours (yes we could see into next door on both sides! Such a Fire Hazard, but glad to say it’s now fixed)

Attic Roof Renovation  Roof Insulation

  • Have the electrician install all lighting, electrical and telephone and internet points
  • Batten out and line attic space with Gyprock
  • Install Earthwool thermal and acoustic insulation batts to line the roof space
  • Install a Skylight – adds much needed light and fresh air!

Attic Loft Conversion  Attic Sky Light

Sky Light – http://www.velux.com.au

  • Plaster, sand and paint – we choose to keep the space light and airy by painting it all white – Dulux Lexicon White Quarter

Loft Renovation  Paiting Dulux

  • Install doors on storage alcoves
  • Carpet the floor

Roof Space ConversionCarpet in the Attic

  • Move in furniture and all the “stuff” to be hidden away in the under eve’s storage alcoves. (We removed the doors for painting!) Plastic storage tubs on wheels help to keep items stored easily accessible.

Attic Conversion  Finished Attic Space

While this project is quite the undertaking, it is definitely worth it for the usable attic space we now have up in the loft of our Newtown Terrace house. I’d definitely recommend it, but do make sure you use a licensed builder to carry out all the works and ensure they or you consult with a structural engineer and the council to determine if an attic conversion is suitable for your property.

To save money things you can do yourself with the consent of your builder are the Gyprock, insulation, plastering, hanging doors, sanding and painting, plus carpeting (thanks to our father in law the floor layer for that one!).

If you have any questions or would like a recommendation on who we used for this project please drop me a line.

Jasmine x

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