Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen DIY – Top Tips

In this post you will find our top 12 tips and tricks for your next DIY Bunnings Kaboodle kitchen or laundry renovation.

  1. Start with the brochures in the store, use these to create your order list, plan your space by either drawing it or using the online planner http://www.kaboodleplanner.com.au/UI/Pages/VPUI.htm to make sure everything fits in your space.
  1. When buying at Bunnings, load up your many trolleys with the bar-codes facing out!

Bunnings Kaboodle Renovation

  1. Build one cabinet at a time, and do the larger cabinets first so you can position them easily in your space.
  1. Use chocks of wood to lift the cabinet off the floor while you build it, easier to screw in than if it’s on the floor. (Yes you will end up with leftover screws! Kaboodle is generous)
  1. Pantry cabinets are heavy and hard to stand up with the feet on. Watch the video’s online for help in how best to do this. http://kaboodle.com.au/au/index.php/create/instructional-videos
  1. Cut a bit of cardboard to size and use this as a level to help align the feet of all your cupboards to the required height. So much quicker than measuring each one!
  1. Buy and install all the base units first, BEFORE purchasing the doors, hardware or bench-tops, just in case there is anything that doesn’t quite fit.

Kaboodle Cabinets

  1. Measure, measure and re-measure. Learn from our biggest mistake and don’t forget to include end panels in your measurements!
  1. Get the staff at Bunnings help you with the bench top order, they know the best positions for the cut and finishing options.
  1. For fitting the door handles buy the bright yellow plastic guide. It saves you so much time!
  1. Leave the plastic on all the doors until the bench top is installed so nothing gets scratched or dusty as part of the installation.
  1. Laminate bench tops are hard wearing and practical for a laundry, but you don’t have to compromise on the look if you go for the lovely Mayonella which looks just like Calcutta marble – See my post on my laundry renovation for how it looks.

If your kitchen or laundry needs a budget renovation, I wouldn’t go past Kaboodle from Bunnings. They are great quality products, quite easy to DIY and produce a tremendous result. The best thing is the dimensions of all the units mean they will fit into any space, even small ones like our Newtown terrace!

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