Fiddle Leaf Figs in Newtown

After becoming slightly obsessed with the beautiful fiddle leaf fig plants I’ve seen on Pinterest pins and in my glossy design magazines, I decided that it was exactly the thing I needed to bring life and a bit of greenery to the living area of my Newtown Terrace.

Doing a quick search online revealed that Fiddle Leaf Figs or (“Ficus lyrata”) were in high demand and notoriously difficult to find. Not to mention expensive!! So after reading some blogs online, I set out on the hunt in and around Sydney.

To my delight I was lucky I didn’t have to go too far or pay too much to find my very own Fiddle Leaf Fig, who’s stunning big glossy green leaves would soon adorn my dining room.

After an initial search at one larger local nursery and then Flower Power turned to be fruitless… I was happily surprised when I stumbled across not just one, but at least a dozen, just up the road from me on King Street in Newtown Sydney.

Newtown Garden Market on King Street is a hidden gem. It had fiddle leaf figs in abundance. Although all of their plants were small to medium in size and not the large type trees you see in the magazines (see below some very beautiful specimens) they were reasonably priced at $45 for a small one and $99 – $110 for the medium sized. The staff at Newtown Garden Market were very helpful and said that they generally grow quite quickly and even the dwarf variety will easily grow well over 6 foot tall in height, even in a pot. They need a bright room but not direct sunlight and kept out of the wind and not to water it too frequently, only when the pot dries out, as they don’t like wet feet.
I’d recommend if you are looking for a Fiddle Leaf Fig plant in Sydney that you check them out:

Newtown Garden Market

So here is my baby fig tree. Next step to find a beautiful pot for it to go in! Hopefully I keep it alive and healthy so….
Fiddle Leaf Fig Small

hopefully one day mine will look as good as some of these beauties I found on other blogs:

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